Category Topics

PC Hardware

All of the physical parts of a laptop or desktop computer - both internal components like RAM, CPUs and video cards as well as external components such as monitors, mice, keyboards and printers. Discuss PC building or ask for purchase advice here.


The programs you install on your computer - antivirus, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, web browsers like Chrome and Firefox and any other software that doesn’t fit in the other categories.

Operating Systems

Operating Systems breathe life into your computer. For all questions and discussions around operating systems - Windows 10, 7 or older, macOS, Ubuntu, Arch, Linux Mint and other flavours of Linux, FreeBSD.

Mobile Devices

The board for anything that fits in your pocket (or backpack) that isn’t a laptop - tablets, phones and wearable devices. Discuss and get help with Apple iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, Android phones and tablets like Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Fire Tablets and Fitbits.


Questions and discussions around anything gaming. Chat about upcoming game releases, your favourite games, Steam Sales and industry news, and console chat - PlayStation 5 and Xbox One, retro consoles like PS1 and Super Nintendo, and latest developments such as VR headsets.

IoT and Smart Home Tech

From a couple of Philips Hue Bulbs to a full blown Home Assistant setup, this is the category for help and discussion for all home automation and IOT products and services. Questions on Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and smart tech like robot vacuums go here.

Networking and Internet

The place for anything internet related - web development and server hosting, Wifi problems and troubleshooting, routers, switches and modems. Discuss new hardware and ask your networking questions.