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Search results

  1. root

    The tech hobby vs the cost of living crisis.

    Here in the UK, electricity prices have completely shot up. For context I was paying around £0.12p/kwh around 5 years ago, now it's around £0.50 and due to increase. Plus you pay close to £30 a month now just for the luxury of having a power and gas connection before you even turn anything on...
  2. root

    Computer Forums stance on privacy, advertising and funding.

    I am posting this thread mostly as a response to regular emails I've been receiving to the forums' mailbox. Advertising opportunities Computer Forums, quite deliberately, runs no advertising or stats/analytics. While this means I pay out of pocket to keep this site going, the total for this...
  3. root

    Network Wide Adblocking

    Thought I'd share my thoughts on this with the forum, and my experiences. I will be posing more articles as time allows and welcome comments, thoughts and suggestions on improvments. What is network wide adblocking? Most tech savvy users have one form or another of adblocking on their devices...
  4. root

    Computer Forums in 2022 - mid year update

    Computer Forums continues to "limp on" seeing a few new members swing by, every now and then, which is great! Forums in 2022 are a lot quieter than they used to be but I'll keep going with CF. Progress made so far this year: Switched from Discourse to Xenforo - cuts back massively on site...
  5. root

    Move to XenForo

    If you're reading this and you've been around for a while you have likely noticed that the forum has switched software. As much as I believe Discourse is the future of forums, the SSL certificate lapsed and I neglected to update it in time (despite a calendar reminder) highlighting that I...
  6. root

    Website Refresh

    Sorry I’ve been largely absent for a while, returning to the office has taken it’s toll on me. The old look was starting to look a bit dated and while I much prefer a traditional forum layout with minimum images and text I’m working on a refreshed look for the site, starting with the skin and...
  7. root

    Server Spruce Up

    The site was feeling a bit slow as of late so I have performed some well-overdue server maintenance and cleaned up old files, hopefully things should run a lot smoother now. If it comes to it I’ll upgrade the site to a better virtual server but as I choose to run this site not for profit, no...
  8. root

    Windows 11 - is your PC too old?

    So Windows 11 is ‘here’ and I’m yet to upgrade. Turns out at least two of my machines are considered too old for Windows 11. Ironically my ‘worst’ machine being a Celeron netbook is compatible having a new (but slow) CPU and TPM. Not sure if it’s really worth updating so far, does anyone have...
  9. root

    Apple Announcement

    Another September, another Apple announcement. I like Apple’s mobile devices but this one was admittedly a snooze fest. Nothing particularly compelling in my opinion. I am surprised Apple is continuing to sell the Series 3 watch alongside the new models. I have one and it’s definitely showing...
  10. root

    Site cleanup / rejuvination / my status

    Hi folks Sorry I’ve not been very active recently: having sadly lost someone very close to me along with trying to keep up at my dayjob and launching a small business I haven’t been as active here as I wished to be and it seems like spam has started to creep in on the site disguised as genuine...
  11. root

    Windows & Linux exploits found - patch/update now!

    If you haven’t already check for updates as a couple of new exploits have appeared both in Windows & the Linux kernel: https://www.theregister.com/2021/07/21/windows_linux_privilege_escalation/
  12. root

    Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - Starter Kit Unboxing and Specifications

    A video review of the Raspberry Pi 4 in a starter kit (these save oodles of time, I wish I got one when I bought mine though I ended up wallmounting my Pi4 so needed a specialist case) by CF member @how2techtips Some great content so subscribe @...
  13. root

    Debian 11

    Amongst the fanfare for Windows 11, another OS is preparing for it’s 11th major release, Debian Linux. For those that don’t know Debian serves as the basis for a lot of other popular distributions such as Ubuntu, and Raspbian for Raspberry Pis. I’ve never used it myself as a desktop OS but have...
  14. root

    Windows 11 Leaked

    So it appears that Windows 11 has leaked already. Personally not sure I’m a fan of the look of it. Too much like a Chromebook with hints of MacOS, and seems like innovation for the sake of it rather than to improve things. The fundamental layout of Windows hasn’t changed since 1995 (ignoring...
  15. root

    Windows 11 coming? Microsoft stop major releases of Windows 10

    Microsoft will no longer be doing any major releases for Windows 10 according to this article: https://www.techradar.com/news/microsoft-pulls-all-future-windows-10-updates-for-now Is this the end of Windows 10 as we know it? A few year ago it was said that Windows 10 will be the ‘last Windows...
  16. root

    Loads of websites down this week due to Fastly

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-57399628 So a couple of days ago it seemed all sorts of popular sites simply stopped working, down to Fastly, a CDN going down. Do these big internet companies hold too much power? Does make me think. So many sites these days rely on Cloudflare, AWS etc...
  17. root

    Removal of Google Analytics

    For a long time I have used Google Analytics to keep an eye on traffic to this site. This lets me see how are are doing performance wise, where visitors come from, how many join our forums etc. I have decided it’s time to pull the plug. Why? It’s Google. For all the good they do in the word...
  18. root

    Travelling in 2021

    Things are opening up quite a bit here in dear old Blighty, but unfortunately my plans to visit New York this year seem very unlikely now. Do you think it’s safe to travel now people are getting vaccinated? I certainly wish it was possible as I last got away in Febuary 2020 which was some pretty...
  19. root

    Wifi 6 / 6E - will you be upgrading?

    Wifi has come along way over the years and argubly paved the way for mobile phones and laptops to become such a huge thing. I remember being tethered to a desktop where the phone line and later where the cable line (the sheer luxury of 256k broadband!) came in. My first router was a Belkin...
  20. root

    Firefox 89 - Redesign

    Firefox 89 has been released and with it a ‘refreshed’ look. Personally I think it just looks… a little bit more like Chrome. I deliberately don’t use Chrome or any of its various spin offs. Hopefully this will help boost Firefox’s market share which apparently is down to just 4% now.