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    Does iPhone 4s fall under iPhone 4 category?

    This is a dumb question…but when ordering an iPhone case it says “compatible with iPhone 4”, I have a 4s. Do the 4s fall under the “4” category too?
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    Windows 95, 98, or ME?

    I am building a computer for retro windows games. What are the benefits between Windows 95, 98, and ME? And are there some old games that would only work on one or two of those OS?
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    What is the best home automation/security system?

    What is the best home automation/security system? It would have smartphone remote control for a thermostat, modules to plug into, cameras, etc.
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    Un-installation of everything on the computer?

    I want to un-install absolutely everything from my dell laptop, I have my files saved onto another computer, so that’s taken care of. I already know how to reinstall vista, but I just need to start completely over. Does anyone know how to do this? p.s. I have all my disks that are needed for...