Best program to burn CDs?


I want to know what the best software to burn CDs is in 2020? I know that those of us who use optical media are a dying breed these days but I need to produce CDs to use on the mixing desk of amateur productions (eventually) now that things are starting up again after COVID.

Previously I was using an old version of Nero on an old windows xp laptop, which I have used for many years but coming to use the laptop again recently it appears to have died altogether and I no longer have my install CD for nero

Anything free or low cost would be ideal

I should add my current / main laptop is running on Windows 10 and I am now (trying) to use an external CD burner.

Hi @mistermix - welcome to Computer Forums :wave:

The first question I would ask is did your CD burner come with any software? Often these are bundled with a disk with software that allows you to burn CDs and DVDs

If you are just looking to put MP3/audio files on to disk, I would consider using Windows Media Player that has this functionality built in and comes free with Windows 10.

Otherwise I believe the Nero software is still sold and isn’t too expensive.

theres CDburnerxp which has been around for years

Just be careful when installing as it now comes with optional adware, i.e make sure you only install the program itsellf untick everything esle.

It was a long time ago when I burned the last CD/DVD for my old car. :smiley:
But in my opinion the Windows Media Player is easy to use and does it job.

Thanks all for your suggestions, looks like I will stick to Windows Media Player as it looks like does the task I need it to do :slight_smile:

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