Broadband is getting slower and slower

My Plus Net broadband has got slower and slower. I used to be getting around 18Mbps but lately it’s only been 4 or 5Mbps.This is no longer usable for things like streaming or working from home.

I tried to contact you, but I get stuck. They keep saying they tested the line, but nothing seems to be improving. They say it’s my gear at fault, but it’s the same on all of our devices. Is there any way I can prove that sending an engineer is needed, or what could it be on my end?

Thanks in advance.

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It does sound fustrating. When you do the speed test are you connected via wifi or ethernet cable?

If it’s the same PlusNet as in the UK you would nornally be connected via a BT telephone line - do you have any extensions in your home? Do you use microfilters on each one?

I did a speed test both wirelessly and with an ethernet adapter. Still testing slowly.

There are a couple of phone jacks, I only use them for the internet, there is only the router plugged in.

The one the router is plugged into - is it the ‘main’ or master phone socket? This can make a huge difference especially if the wiring is old.

May be worth factory resetting the router too - this is normally a little hole on the back, put a paperclip or similar in for 30 secs with the router on to reset it.

I’m not sure which is the main socket, this is in my lounge.

I tried resetting the router and the speed seems to have improved a bit, which is good. Do you think I should try a different outlet then?

Normal BT wiring would have the master socket nearest to where the phone line connects to your property, so might be worth having a look outside if it’s overhead. If not it’s nornally underground. The most common place is in your hall so if you have a phone socket there, try the router in there for a few days.

It’s also worth noting that if you restart the router too many times it can cause the exchange to think there’s a fault on your line and slow your broadband down to mitigate it so I’d suggest moving it and giving it a few days to a week to stablilise before doing a performance test.

OK, I switched to a different jack and left it for a while. I am apparently back to 14MB which is better than before. Will it keep improving or should I contact Plus Net again?

I’d leave it as it is. There will be something called DLM on the line that can take 2-3 weeks to show improvements. Try to avoid rebooting the router where possible.

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