Do Fitbits really help?

Do Fitbits really help motivate people to be more active and make sure they exercise? I hear from a lot of people they get annoyed at their fitbits these days.

It depends on the person I would say. I have friends that say the Fitbit is really good for them and I have a sister who never uses her Fitbit anymore. It really depends on the person :slight_smile:

That’s true that it depends on the person. They think that a Fitbit would automatically make them get more fit but you still have to put the work in.

I know for sure that Fitbits wouldnt help me. I’m a pretty disciplined person anyways so I know I make sure I exercise. Buying a FitBit would be a waste of money for me.

I was recommended a smart watch by my physio and so far I have had good results, managed to get my resting heart rate down a fair amount, though with the whole lockdown/pandemic I haven’t had much cause to go outside and I don’t really like having it on around the house!

Really need to try and get back into it again and start going outside!

True! It may be good when you are outside but when inside the house I wouldn’t want to wear it either! I hate wearing watches for the most part.

never had one but thinking of getting one to help with my health

Never did get one. But it was recommended that i get some form of step and health tracker that will allow me to understand the amount of calories i burn in my daily routine. And it ultimately did help out a lot.
There were also amazing motivational facts the kept me going like you’ve walked the total area pf the Vatican in one week, etc. :joy::raised_hands: