Forum improvements / my status

Hello to those who might be reading - hope you are well.

Sorry I haven’t been on the site much. Without going into too much detail, dealing with a sad family situation and coming back to my hometown has led me to not have much focus on the site.

The good news is I have now made some time and in the background made some improvements - all software is fully up to date and patched, and I’ve implemented some additional measures that means I don’t need to log into the server or even reboot to apply updates to the operating system this site runs on.

My work to slowly build traffic to the forum has now started again. I appreciate this site isn’t the busiest but this has always been a long term project for me. I truly believe that forums will have their comeback despite other channels coming into play, and I am not a fan of how many other sites are either highly commercialised with adverts, or get bought, sold, merged etc like some business venture. Computer Forums remains a passion project for me.

Hopefully as time goes on we will attract a few new people or at least provide a place to get decent peer support and have fun along the way.

Sorry to hear you are going through a bad time but sounds like positive days ahead for the forum.