How much time?

How much time do you spend on your desktop/lap top each day? I probably spend around 3 hours a day on mine, sometimes less.

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Depends on if I’m working - I’ll spend 8 hours in front of my PC if I’m on shift, otherwise it’s normally 4 hours or so on various devices. Sometimes if I’ve got a project on or I’m playing a new game I can spend far too many hours in front of screens but I try not to do that…

I probably spend 3 hours a day or so on mine. I do some of my work on my computer so that doesn’t help with that.

I think its close to 5-6 hours including all gaming, surfing, watching videos and social media etc.

Mine is a conservative amount close to 4 hours minus the gaming time i spend.
Add after adding that it may seem like a bad amount close to about 6 hours average.