How to change firmware on ZTE digital life tablet

I have a ZTE tablet that I want to update the firmware for

I also want to find out if its possible to put a custom ROM on the ZTE digital life tablet

does anyone know how to do this?

Hi there, welcome to Computer Forums @oboetoe :wave:

I’m not too familiar with this device but looking online it appears to be quite a specialist thing designed for home security so not sure if you would be able to put a custom ROM on like other Android tablets - the process might be tricky or simply not been tried out by the hacking community that find ways to ‘root’ and update these devices

However if you are just looking for how to update it it appears AT&T who make the device offer this video guide that might help you:

I’ve had a quick look online and like @root said this appears to be a specialist device, I am not sure you will be able to put a custom ROM on it

Thanks for your replies guys

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