How to fix blue screen error APC_INDEX_MISMATCH on windows 10?

I keep getting blue screens usually every few hours, the message says


I havent been able to get the rest of the details on the screen but I get a blue screen with unhappy face and my laptop restarts

I have tried scanning with avast but this has not picked anything up, is there anything else I can try before i throw it out of the window!

Hello and welcome.

Doing a bit of research online shows that this might be down to a print driver problem.

Do you use a printer with your computer?

Apparently Microsoft is releasing a patch for this issue which should be out today - so it might be worth scanning for Windows updates and installing them as the easiest fix?

Thanks, yes I do have a printer

I will try doing windows updates tonight and let you know how i get on

Looking forward to hear if this manages to sort it. If it doesn’t I have found a couple of other things to try.

Seems to be all good so far but sometimes it can take a day or two for a crash, i will monitor over the weekend and provide an update

Okay so been a couple of days since running the updates and no crashes, thanks for your help

Glad you managed to get it resolved. Thanks for letting us know it was resolved.

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