How to install a Custom ROM

To update my android phone i found out that it requires the installation of a custom ROM. Which is something way out of my comfort zone. I’ve never done it and I’m afraid that by doing so it would be a risk to my phone’s data.
Any suggestions…?

What sort of handset are you looking to flash I.e what is the make and model? There is a process for most - some can be more tricky than others.

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It’s an HTC m10 that i really was fond of using with my iPhone as well. And i just want to get it close to android 8 atleast. As its cut on android 8 somewhat.

You can follows XDA developer official page:

It will gives you in-depth information install ROM and they are leading site who release different ROM for Android Phones.

Be careful that you may damage your phone or may void your warranty by doing this.

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