Is ccleaner still any good


I’ve always recommended and used ccleaner but been seeing a few things online saying this software is no longer any good and shouldnt be used?

Is there a alternative outthere thats recommended??

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I used to use CCleaner myself years ago but essentially the developer of the software got bought out by Avast and it went from useful utility to cash grab. A while ago it was even reportedly being distributed with malware…

One good alternative is to just use the built in Windows Disk Cleanup tool, or there’s Bleachbit which is open source and does a similar thing.


I never used CCleaner. I knew a lot of people using it but in the last few years less and less people use it. I am just using the Cleanup Tool from Windows - it is easy and fast.


Not had to worry about this sort of thing since switching to Mac but I remember using CCleaner back when I used WIndows, didn’t realise it had such a bad name these days! Will have to stop suggesting it to my WIndows-using family and friends who ask for PC advice…

I used CCleaner, it’s a good one to remove all unwanted bucks.

Yeah i think with how windows has kept updating it self over the last few months and all heck even going back some years its own data sense and junk cleaning capabilities have gotten very efficient especially if the system has an SSD installed on it.
The use of third party data cleaner and cache cleaner is sort of getting irrelevant as windows cleans up its own act and gets better with each update.