Is the Raspberry Pi still relevent?

I was thinking to myself the other day that a lot of what I used to do with Raspberry Pis I now do with a home server, and I think a lot of other people are in the same boat. Do you still use raspberry pis? Do you have loads littered around like me with nothing to do with them?

Would be nice to get some ideas to put them to good use!

I like you have a fair few from the Pi 1 all the way to the Pi 4.
I still have a few in use:

Raspberry Pi 4 - this is running with a PoE hat and is both my Unifi controller and DNS server for my network

Raspberry Pi 3 - this is running a Raspberry Pi camera and motioneye software as part of my CCTV system. In all honesty the camera is no good for night time (its outdoors) but until I can be bothered to research and find the right camera for my needs it does the job.

Raspberry Pi 2 - this is acting as a print server for an old non-wireless and non-network laser printer I still use.

I have a few more that are going spare - like you a lot of the stuff I used to do on Pis is now done on my Unraid server though I still like to keep network functions e.g DNS on a seperate machine so if I have to reboot the Unraid server or do any hardware work on it, the network is still functional.