Laptop stuck on device mapping table / press esc shell > prompt

When I switch my laptop on I only get the following screen does anyone know what’s wrong or how to fix it?

Hey @birdman1 - welcome to Computer Forums :wave:

Have you tried to do any changes to your operating system such as installing Linux? If you haven’t it may be that the hard disk or SSD has failed.

It might be worth trying to reinstall Windows but if you are unable to do so you may need to replace the drive.

Thanks for the suggestion, I have not installed anything. When you say to reinstall windows what does this involve?

Usually you would use another Windows PC to make a USB drive that contains the Windows installer.

If you manage to install it OK you should be good to go. If the process fails it may be that your HDD or SSD has failed.

You can download the tool from Microsoft here.

thanks I will give it a try.

Has this worked for you? :slight_smile:

:+1: :+1: :+1:have a great help I think