Marking threads as solved

As the forum seems to be now picking up a little more traffic (and a fair bit of spam which normally gets picked up by the filter but if you do see it please report it!) I will now be monitoring threads, for members that don’t come back to tell us how things have gone after trying things out I will mark what appears to be the solution to the problem.

I have been doing this ad hoc but will be making this an ‘official’ moderation policy (this forum is currently moderated by just me and @Philtrum with @MetaMod being a reserved account for future automation of moderating)

This helps others find solutions quicker and is good for the site’s search engine results too.

Threads mark as solved automatically close after 7 days.

If you post a question please help us out by marking the answer that fixes it for you as solved. If you’re unhappy with something that has been marked as solved, please let me know!