Refreshed site look

While the forum appears to be going through a quiet period, I am trying a few new looks for the site. Apologies for any broken functionality during this time, any comments and feedback are welcomed.

Looking good!

The site feels a lot cleaner now. Only thing I would say is some text appears a bit light and hard to read, can the colours be checked?

The forum has been very quiet as of late, I have noticed this on a few similar sites I visit though. I’m not sure if this form of communication is just becoming less popular with Facebook and all the other social medias. Hopefully things will change for the better as time goes on.

Thanks for the feedback - I’ve made a few tweaks to the colour scheme, I do agree the contrast needed some improvement on some bits!

Yes we don’t seem to be getting a huge amount of traffic at the moment - I think Google etc changing things round hasn’t helped us. I’ll continue doing what I can to build the forum up, this is a long term project for me and viewed more as a marathon than a sprint.