Remote desktop software

What’s the best remote desktop software to connect to a computer from elsewhere in the house? I’ve tried VNC but it seemed quite laggy so are there any other programs I can try, preferably free ones


What sort of computer are you looking to remote into i.e Windows or Mac?

Is it just for general office tasks or particularly demanding stuff like HD video or gaming?

Any desk is a good option. Its a really small software and it works very well. Even offices use this between each other to share info between colleagues and co-workers.:raised_hands:

If both computers are using windows 10, then Windows Quick Assist is good, type “quick Assist” in the start search box and follow the prompts
For other computers not running windows 10 or other OS I use the free version of team viewer


TeamViewer is a pretty good shout - works well on most platforms and even plays nicely with Linux!

Any desk would be best as it is free for private use.