Robot Hoovers

Anyone got a robot hoover? Personally I just use a good old fashioned Henry which I’ve had for years but thinking of taking the plunge.

Do you mean a robot vacuum? My son bought a Roomba for us and I personally hate the damn thing. It keeps getting hung up and sending notifications to my phone that it needs attention. My wife thinks it does a good job of vacuuming though.

Yes sorry, hoover is a brand name but is probably more often used to describe a vacuum cleaner here in the UK than the word vacuum!

You say it gets hung up - guessing it gets stuck in corners or on furniture? This is my main concern - I see some of the models in my research seem to use Lidar or camera sensors so hoping I can avoid this. Glad to hear it gets the ‘wife acceptance factor’ though which often is a big factor in buying decisions :slight_smile:

It doesn’t get stuck in corners but it gets stuck under furniture and can get hung up on things like throw rugs. The pattern it uses to vacuum doesn’t seem to cover everywhere but seems to vacuum the same areas over and over.

When the dust collection container is emptied, my wife is impressed with the amount of dust and pet hair it has collected so I guess it’s doing its job!

I finally decided to pull the trigger one one of these. Like you @Philtrum I have a battered old Henry which will probably outlive me, and a cordless vacuum that the battery is dying on.

Now I live in a flat, a robot vacuum makes sense. I went for the Ecovacs Deebot 920 in the end.

After having the vacuum for a while, here’s my review…