Should I install windows 11

Is Windows 11 OK to use yet or should I hold off.

Hello @FirePhoenix - welcome to Computer Forums! :wave:

The answer to your question is subjective.

Are you happy for Microsoft to get a lot of access to your system data / telemetry and potentially personal files, likely have to reinstall Windows from scratch at least once and face system crashes / stability issues in exchange for being one of the first to use the new OS? In which case absolutely go ahead.

This isn’t written to be scary by the way - just to paint a picture of what is currently early beta software.

Personally for me I am not bothering yet. But in the future I will probably give 11 a spin on one of my machines that I don’t use too frequently. Even after it’s released I will wait until a few major updates before I take the plunge but I have been bitten by new version of Windows many times in the past…

Dont do it, I installed it on my new pc and its really buggy at the moment. Wait a couple of months should hopefully be good enough then