Smart home

whats the best way to get started with smart home, a couple of my friends have lights they turn on / off with thier phone. what do i need to buy to do this

You’ve got lots of options!

if you just want to flick a few lights on and off remotely, look at lifx wifi bulbs.

if you want a more complete system or if you’re going to do your entire house… consider a system like Philips Hue.

of course there are so many more smart products such as smart doorbells, locks, alarm systems… and you can tie it all together using something such as IFTTT or Home Assistant.

Axial has offered some good suggestions here! It all comes down to how much, or how little you want to automate. You can have one or two devices or go all - in. The easiest way to do it is probably to go for wifi based devices, as it saves having various hubs and things lying around!