What was your first computer

what was your first computer everyone? i had an amiga but didnt really bother for a long time after that, have got a windows laptop now but mostly use my amazon fire tablet

I too had an Amiga :slight_smile: Hence the avatar…

Pretty sure it was some sort of HP machine, big and beige with a massive monitor! How far we have come!

I had an Apple Powerbook if you remember those!

Had a Commodore 64 and a ZX Speccy - can’t remember which one I got first!

It was an ancient Dell pentium 3 desktop computer with that huge monitor and i remember being amazed by how fast it could do any task i gave it. How times change :joy:

I had a Lenovo :nerd_face:

My first computer was an IBM PC in 1984.

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It was an Asus mini laptop that rocked a small Nvidia graphics and an intel Atom it worked well for a while and then i started to love the whole PC build designs so i just went for PC builds after that🙌