What's the oldest tech you have?

I’m sure most of you here want the latest and greatest technology but after recently replacing our 25(!) year old washing machine, I was wondering if anyone has any old technology still in regular use in their household?

I used to have a collection of original IBM PCs (PC, AT, PCjr, etc…) but divested myself of the collection because they took up too much space.

Nowadays, the only old tech I still have that gets regular use is a couple of IBM Model M keyboards built in 1986 & 1987.

What a great question!

I’ve only really got a few older things - a SNES and several games and controllers that still works as far as I know… if only I could find the power adapter for it.

I’ve also got a couple of small kitchen gadgets like an electric tin opener that is ancient.

My favourite is probably my landline phone, with a bell ringer and rotary dial. It’s been a labour of love to restore and get working on the modern phone network but it is fully operational!