Which smart bulbs

Hi all

I’m looking to get on the smart lighting bandwagon but wanted to get peoples thoughts on which bulbs to go for?

Currently weighing up between hue and lifx but open to suggestions

Don’t mind spending a bit rather than the cheap Chinese crap on Amazon

Hi and welcome to CF :slight_smile:
Are you using any sort of smart home automation system currently such as SmartThings or HomeAssistant or are you thinking of doing this in the future? (it’s very addictive, I started out with one smart bulb…)

Do you or anyone in your household use Apple or Android phones?

What @root asked would be helpful to know

One cheaper but well-regarded in the home automation community alternative to hue bulbs is Ikea Tradfri.

@philtrum do you have experience of the IKEA bulbs? I’m thinking of upgrading my first gen Hue bulbs for the improved colour output

I’ve only recently started getting into the smart bulb scene but so far so good. They work really well with a conbee 2 stick I’ve got in the raspberry pi that’s running homeassistant - don’t have much other smart hardware at the moment but I am learning and slowly expanding!

Not really had any experience of the Hue bulbs so couldn’t comment on how it performs against this I’m afraid.