Wifi 6 / 6E - will you be upgrading?

Wifi has come along way over the years and argubly paved the way for mobile phones and laptops to become such a huge thing. I remember being tethered to a desktop where the phone line and later where the cable line (the sheer luxury of 256k broadband!) came in.

My first router was a Belkin affair that ran so hot it cooked itself about 4 times and had to be replaced under warranty. I avoid Belkin gear to this day. The unit was tiny, so no suprises as to why it overheated.

These days I do about 70% of my computing over wifi when I’m not working though I do feel things are a lot snappier to load on a hardwire.

Will you be upgrading to Wifi 6E or Wifi 6? I find 802.11ac is pretty good for performance, and I get around 300-400meg on a speed test. I can’t possibly envision needing all that bandwidth (yet) though it would be nice to get my full 1GB line speed wirelessly.

I think I’ll hold off until Wifi 6 has been around for a bit longer. Not many devices support it at the moment and I don’t want to upgrade all my hardware. Current Wifi 5 is good enough for what it is.