Windows 10 security

Compared to other security systems like Norton, just how good is Windows 10 own security?

I think overall it’s pretty good. Certainly it is one of the least invasive - both on the amount of popups and system resources, it just sits there in the background doing it’s job.

Norton and similar packages are perhaps better for those who either want to allow/deny every single thing or are more likely to open suspicous attachments and similar, though Windows SmartScreen is quite good at keeping rouge software out.

I personally haven’t bothered to buy antivirus for years - been using Defender on my Windows machines since it was called Security Essentials.

Thank you for your reply, I’m like you, it is just there running, and I thought as a frequent user, I would at least be at some risk, but no, it runs regular and comes up with nothing to report, so I just wondered what other people thought.
it was my computer repair shopman that swears by it so there you go. Many thanks

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