Windows 10 software

Do you use Windows 10 software? What are your thoughts on it? If you don’t use it, what kind of software are you using?

I use it because Windows doesn’t give us a choice to not use it. I find it slows down the computer but it is what it is.

For those who use a PC desktop and not an Apple computer then you pretty much have no choice but to have Windows 10.

I have a love hate relationship with Windows 10 – been using it on personal machines for a while but was one of the last to switch at work due to having to use some very old software at the time.

My office has now fully switched and things are fine, though the challenge of getting everything working from home hasn’t been easy!

Overall though it is one of the best releases from MS but not without its problems - I don’t think anything will ever beat the stability of XP!

I use Windows 10 and it is an amazing operating system to work on it combines the modern look of the windows 8 with the simple use that windows 7 provided. Also the updates are continuous and that provides a good sense of security to the whole experience.

I’m still dissatisfied and disappointed with Windows 10 Pro. Even with new updates.

I am forcefully using this devil’s OS in my office PC for two years, And it made my life quite miserable with its faults or purposeful defects by Microsoft.