Work from home laptop


I’ve just started a work from home job, i was able to use my existing laptop for training through adobe connect but after finishing i have to use a ubuntu stick that wont work with my existing laptop.
They have advised i need something with the following:

MINIMUM 2.0Ghz Dual Core 64 bit CPU, no Celeron or Pentium CPUs
Windows operating system
Wired keyboard and mouse - no wireless
Wired USB Headset
2x Free USB 3.0 Slots
WIRED Ethernet - no wifi allowed
10mbps download, 5mbps upload, less than 100ms latency. Must be fixed line, no mobile or satellite broadband.

What would be a good laptop for this? i’m in the UK if that helps

Hello, welcome to Computer Forums :wave:

Are you looking for a brand new laptop or would you consider a second hand one - what’s your budget?

If you’d consider a second hand laptop this one should tick all the boxes and not break the bank, for the price even a brand new one would not meet the specs you have listed—

I made good experiences with Lenovo laptops. :slight_smile:

I second this - have had a great experience with a second hand ThinkPad that cost me £140 - I’m in the UK too. This one is under £200 and matches your specs: