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Best Video Editing tool for Youtube

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I am planning to start Youtube channel for local food related and I make some videos to start and did basic editing through Windows Movie Maker but I am not satisfied with outcome and I want to know which software is best for it. I would happy to get suggestion in both paid and free option.



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I confess video editing is not something I’ve ever really done except for messing around in Movie Maker back in the day but I am a big believer in using open source software.

Here’s 2 free video editors that appear to be well reviewed:-



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Continuing the discussion from Best Video Editing tool for Youtube:

Continuing the discussion from Best Video Editing tool for Youtube:

Hi, I use Davinci Resolve 17.2. This is a free-to-use download and is very powerful software. Although there is a paid-for version, the free one is adequate.
At first, it is not easy to get into but there are so many help clips on youtube you can always find one to suit.
One thing I would add is to make sure your computer is up to the job as there are minimum requirements for this software. If you intend to use 4k or higher you will find the file size very very large.
good luck
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