Can't update apple watch, not enough storage

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May 4, 2021

Trying to update my apple watch, im prompted to free up space buy deleting apps but i just have the basic apps like calendar, photos, health tracking and the rest on there, havent installed any apps myself as i just use it for fitness tracking

How can i update to watchos 7.4.1 if i can’t free up space on the watch
Hello and welcome.

Can you tell us which Apple Watch you have? Sounds like you may have one of the older ones.
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That’s strange for me to see that you only have few apps and still shows not enough space. What’s your storage showing? You can check support information at Apple at following link:

Hope if will helps you.
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followed the link and did a reset, update seems to be installing now
Glad you found the answer you needed here, come back if you have any other problems 🙂
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