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Computer Forums in 2022 - mid year update

Computer Forums continues to "limp on" seeing a few new members swing by, every now and then, which is great!

Forums in 2022 are a lot quieter than they used to be but I'll keep going with CF.

Progress made so far this year:

  • Switched from Discourse to Xenforo - cuts back massively on site running cost and sysadmin burden on me, and is a format more familiar to most forum users
  • Moved webhosts (twice) and now things should be stable - no more database errors
  • Website spruceup / new logo. I've tweaked a few things this weekend and things look a bit more modern now.
  • You can now register / log in via Google, Microsoft or Facebook account. Totally optional.
Aims for the future:
  • Continue to operate independently - no ads, no creepy tracking scripts, just a good old fashioned forum community.
  • Continue to slowly grow in membership, with the aim for the site to be a permanent knowledge record of computer issues and solutions not answered elsewhere
  • Implement further enhancements to the site, leveraging the new Xenforo platform to its fullest potential
  • Should site numbers grow significantly, consider whether anyone would like to volunteer for moderator duties. At the moment things are manageable with just me at the helm but it can take a while for me to catch spam that slips past the automated filtering