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Computer Forums stance on privacy, advertising and funding.

I am posting this thread mostly as a response to regular emails I've been receiving to the forums' mailbox.

Advertising opportunities
Computer Forums, quite deliberately, runs no advertising or stats/analytics. While this means I pay out of pocket to keep this site going, the total for this comes to under £100 per year which I'm happy with. This is my hobby project, not my road to riches. I've seen too many decent forums sell out and become a place built for advertisers first, members second. Running without ads keeps things unbiased and fair and allows me to retain full control over what's displayed on this site, i.e keeping things uncluttered.

User privacy
I have zero interest in installing any sort of tracking/analytics software on this forum. While I have experimented with these previously I am not comfortable with anything that helps contribute to big companies slurping up the data of our visitors and members. In line with this we have no interest in joining any sort of third-party newsletter/search system.
The data collected by this site is limited to: Username, profile and post content, IP and email addresses. I've no issue with members using disposable emails etc to sign up either. This information is certainly not for sale, no matter what price.

Computer Forums has received a few offers of sponsored / free hosting. While tempting I have gone through a few hosts with this site and now I've found one that works well I am not inclined to change.

Web design / SEO offers / reports
None of this is required for this site to function so respectfully please do not send messages regarding this.

Questions / concerns
If you have a genuine privacy concern or account issue please use the contact us link.