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Jan 3, 2020
I’ve had a F.T.T.P line with BT for a couple of years now. I’m now out of contract and paying through the nose… are there any cheaper options? A lot of providers such as sky and talk talk seem to either quote terrible copper speeds for my location or if they do provide this service its not much better value than I pay now…
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You might be a bit stuck I’m afraid, it appears your choices for provider on a FTTP line come down to 9 companies that provide service for home users - admittedly I have only looked at a couple but most seem to be charging similar prices.

You can find Openreach’s (they provide the lines to the ISPs) list of providers here:

Hopefully as more towns and cities get upgraded to this line type there will be more competition and lower prices.

It might also be worth considering the benefit of a big brand like BT - admittedly their general technical support can leave a lot to be desired, but they aren’t going anywhere and I’ve actually heard of them, unlike most on that list. Personally if money was no object I’d be going with AAISP - though their non-unlimited packages might be quite restrictice. Zen tend to get fairly good reviews but they appear to be similar from a price point of view to BT.

Also consider what value BT give you – I am a BT customer myself and do find myself using the free access to BT wifi in many places, and they have now started offering mini hotspots if your broadband fails.
What a shame that there’s so little competition out there! It’s like the post office days all over again… hopefully more will pop up soon.

That’s a valid point with what BT currently offer… maybe I should try and renegotiate my contract or something.

Thanks for the list though, not seen that before… certainly time to do a bit more research then!
It’s been a while but thought I’d update - ended up renegotiating with BT as the other providers didn’t seem to be that competitive, I looked at Zen and seriously considered them but despite BT’s reputatation I haven’t had any issues at all.

Pleased to report I’ve now got a whole gigabyte line and a very happy household!