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How many controllers?

How many controllers do you have? I hear of people having many controllers. I only have two controllers and I think that’s all you need for a system.
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Two controllers for my PS4. Both are pretty old so I tend to use one while the other is on charge. I really should consider buying some new ones…

Otherwise for PC gaming, just a standard keyboard, mouse and a flight stick.


I just have a nintendo switch so the 2 controllers that come with it 🙂


Not one for games but we keep a Wii plugged into the family TV and still occasionally play on this especially around Christmas. My son has a PS4 and I think he has 3 controllers…


If we’re talking just controllers, my hording self has amassed a collection of 10 or so controllers of almost every generation of playstation till the PS4. 😂
But yeah just 2 for the current PS4 that i have. Just enough to play a good session of tekkan and beat my little brother so much in it that he doesn’t bother my gaming sessions again for atleast 2 weeks. 😂😂