Insert multiple .dat files into one pdf without losing color of their graphs


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Oct 16, 2020
Dear folk

How can I insert couple of .dat files into one pdf files as without losing the colors of its graph ? similar to this

Yes I know I can screenshot each individual .dat file as an image then insert them all at once into pdf file but that is length process

Yes I know I can open all these .dat fiels and printer them all at once and they come as one pdf file but I end up losing the colors of the graphs

.dat is not a specific filetype so it’s likely something proprietary to the software you’re using to create the graphs.

Sadly you would either need to screenshot or see if you can export from the software into a common image format such as png or jpg.
If it’s a tedious process you could potentially look at scripting it with something such as AutoHotKey if you’re comfortable with scripting work.