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Move to XenForo

If you're reading this and you've been around for a while you have likely noticed that the forum has switched software.

As much as I believe Discourse is the future of forums, the SSL certificate lapsed and I neglected to update it in time (despite a calendar reminder) highlighting that I perhaps don't have the time to be constantly maintaining the server behind the scenes. Running Xenforo on a web hosting server that I don't need to patch/update/pay as much for will ensure the site's longevity.

Furthermore it's fair to say forums aren't as popular as other venues online these days - running such "modern" software is perhaps a bit offputting to those that do prefer a more traditional format.

Xenforo is the modern evolution of vBulletin and offers some great features, many of which will help reduce spam hopefully and perhaps help kick some life back into the site that admittedly I've neglected once again due to ever increasing work commitments.

Hopefully this will be a good change for the community.

The site remains under the same private ownership i.e me, and will continue to say no to advertising revenue or creepy analytics.

Your old usernames and passwords should be transferred - accounts that haven't been logged into for a while may have had their email addresses changed for privacy reasons so you will need to get in touch if you wish to reactivate this.