Outlook and now Emclient Email asking for password


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Apr 3, 2023
Hello everyone,

Having got fed up with outlook driving me mad me password prompt, I have downloade emclient. I want this one now and it seems that emails are coming in but when I try to send, I get.

The authentication failed due to the following reason. An attempt to connect to your email address failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailabiilty or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?

The password for the email address brings this up What do I do please?
Yours hopefully
Hi @ohdearme, welcome to CF

It sounds like it might be an issue with either your email provider or the password /server details you are using to connect to them rather than specifically Outlook or emclient. If you get your email from your ISP then it might be worth contacting them, if you're using a free service like Gmail or Yahoo let me know which one and I'll try and provide some further information to help solve this.
So kind of you to help, I know little of computers.

I use yahoo, for my main email address and I also have a gmail email account.

I hope I am making sense, let me know if I'm not.


Are you getting the authentication failed message for both accounts or just one of them?
I know Gmail needs some extra settings to work with clients like Outlook, not sure for Yahoo but there's a chance that may also be similar.

These would be applied using the web interface

Gmail: Check Gmail through other email platforms - Gmail Help
You might need to enable 'less secure apps' to sign in

For Yahoo you need to generate a special 'app specific' password apparently: