PC not outputing video


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Nov 10, 2021
I am building a new pc with the following parts.
mobo-Z390 Pro4
GPU-GTX 1050ti
cpu-i7 9700F
16 Gb ram
corsair H100i elite capellix cpu cooler
The computer is turning on with lights but the cpu cooler fans are not spinning. I have breadboarded it and that did not work.
Hi @Henry_McCarthy , welcome to Computer Forums 👋

To troubleshoot this sort of thing it’s always worth going back to basics:

Try reseating the RAM, CPU & video hard. Particularly pay attention to the CPU as from the issues you described I suspect this might be the problem.

Try booting the machine with onboard video / remove the video card.

Try resetting the CMOS.

Are any components bought used? Potentially one might be faulty so if you can it’s worth swapping out one by one to identify what’s causing the issue.
Normally there should be a CPU FAN port on the motherboard, it might be worth trying a small/basic fan on it. They tend to be designed to only run smaller fans, if it’s quite a powerful CPU fan you might need a fan controller to boost up the power.