Really poor print quality

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Apr 8, 2021
I have an Epson Photo printer. It’s been okay but recently my prints have been coming out really streaky with the colours looking… weird. There’s plenty of ink left according to the printer and I have done the cleaning cycles but no change, if anything it seems to be getting worse

Is there anything I can do or is it time for a new printer?

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You mention there’s plenty of ink in there but one question I would ask is if you’ve tried installing a fresh set of cartridges despite the ink levels - or is it an ‘Eco Tank’ type refillable printer?

Sometimes even if there is ink in the cartridges the can dry out if not used for a few months. Seems to happen more with the ‘unofficial’ ones.

If the new cartridges don’t do the trick at first it might be worth running one more cleaning cycle.
I have not actually tried new inks as it was saying the cartridges are full, not sure i want to unpack a fresh set but do you think this might work?
Yes it should hopefully do the trick - have you managed to try new cartridges?
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Wow great, I changed the cartridge and seems fine now. It was that easy, thanks for saving me having tu buy an new printer!!
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