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Removal of Google Analytics


Staff member
For a long time I have used Google Analytics to keep an eye on traffic to this site. This lets me see how are are doing performance wise, where visitors come from, how many join our forums etc.

I have decided it’s time to pull the plug. Why?
  • It’s Google. For all the good they do in the word, concerns around privacy are growing by the day.
  • The script that does the tracking slows down page performance a bit.
  • Google can potentially follow you around the web.
  • A lot of visitors (myself included) use Ad blocking / tracking prevention that blocks this. This is not a problem but can give skewed data.
I will instead be using the analytics built into the forum software and some open source, privacy-focused alternatives. This will be an experimentation process.

Once I’ve found the script that works best for the site, I will publish information on how to block it should you wish to do so. Any traffic data however will be accessible soley by me, and not any third parties


Staff member
I have now implemented this.

The new tracking software is https://plausible.io/ - currently on their servers will move that to this server shortly so your site browsing data stays with this site.

The information they track:
  • Which browser you use
  • Your device’s screen resolution
  • Any link you clicked to get to CF
  • Your screen resolution
  • Whether you are a unique visitor on a particular day
As a webmaster it’s possible to retrieve most of this data from the server logs, but using Plausible it is anonymised. Access logs are not kept on CF - only IPs for registrations/posts to facilitate banning spammers.

That’s it. Google will no longer see you visiting this site. While as a site CF is probably pretty low on your privacy concerns list these days I feel every small step is worth it.

No tracking cookies are used for this.

But if you do wish to block it, use this in your adblocker:

I’ll look at seeing if it can be only be applied to unregistered users as that’s more interesting from an analytics standpoint.

You can see this site’s privacy policy here. I’ll work on updating this to reflect the changes as a lot of stuff in there is from the template I used to create it.