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Site cleanup / rejuvination / my status

Hi folks

Sorry I’ve not been very active recently: having sadly lost someone very close to me along with trying to keep up at my dayjob and launching a small business I haven’t been as active here as I wished to be and it seems like spam has started to creep in on the site disguised as genuine content.

I’ll be revewing some of the recent posts and having a clearout. I will also continue trying to promote the site elsewhere to hopefully help us grow.


Sorry for your loss root, we also had a loss in our family recently and I can certainly empathize with you.

Glad you cleaned up those recent crappy posts.


Staff member
Thanks for your kind words; I’m sorry to learn you have had a similar experience.

I’m glad too - sadly having the junk on here seems to have put off any genuine new members but hopefully things will pick up on the site again soon.

We do get a lot of sign ups but most get trapped in the anti spam system, looks like the recent two posting utter nonsense got past it while I had my eye off the ball.

I remain convinced that at some point forums will see their revival. At the moment a lot of the traffic seems to go to sites that sold their soul to the highest bidder and either became part of the Tapatalk network and died off or now are seen as a vehicle for ads. This site will remain ad free and independently run!