win10 installation issues


Jun 10, 2022
Hi, ideas?

issue 1: I tried to reinstall w\o bloatware. That worked in 2020, but now it installed the bloatware. I even tried twice.

I removed all hp apps shown in control panel. Still computer is slower then before this reinstall. Updates during install were very slow too, so I'm not sure it's hidden hp bloatware, but maybe it is :(

issue 2:See 1st attachment. That was 1st boot on this new install. WTF? I get this at every boot now. If i wait about two minutes, then I get 2nd attachment. If I press any key, then i get attachment 4 and I can login.

If i dont wait 2 minutes and just click ok button, then I get attachment 3. If I click my name then I get attachment 4 and I can login.

How do I get ride of that 1st & 3rd screen and make sure that my user name has full adm rights? I've never set up a multi user computer.

issue 3: Im told to look here to see my HDD temp:
Open Settings on Windows 10.
Click on System.
Click on Storage.
Under the “More storage settings” section, click the Manage Disks and Volumes option.
I dont have a More storage settings or Manage Disks and Volumes option that i can find.


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This definitely doesn't look right. Is this from using the "built in" Windows recovery or a fresh Windows image downloaded from Microsoft?

Usually that should avoid all the bloat but sometimes it can come down with drivers unfortunately.

As for HDD temps I've not been aware of this feature till now but it appears it only supports NVMe drives (i.e the most modern 'gum stick' drives). Otherwise it'll be a case of using a 3rd party tool.

Either HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID or Download CrystalDiskInfo - MajorGeeks. "old school" tools but they get the job done.