Windows 10 not getting past login screen


Sep 20, 2020

My windows 10 laptop doesn’t seem to want to get past the login screen. I enter my password/pin but I get stuck on a screen with a black cursor. Is there any way I can either get my data back or otherwise fix this? It started happening after doing an update a couple of days ago
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So you say an update occured and the issue started… have you been able to try to do a system restore?

If when on the LOGIN screen you click the power symbol, hold SHIFT and click on restart, does it take you through to recovery? If so might be worth rolling back the update in system restore
In addition to what @Philtrum asked do you know what antivirus software, if any, you are running on the computer?
Hi all thanks for your responses

I have not tried to do a system restore yet but will do so

I run AVAST antivirus on my computer
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Avast -may- have been the cause of the issue: You can either just do the system restore and hope it updates properly next time, or consider using safe mode to try and get into windows and remove Avast first.

Easiest solution though would be a system restore and consider removing Avast in favour of running Windows Defender - this generally causes the least issues with Windows 10.
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Yes a system restore might be your best option. If not you may have to take your device into a repair shop.
Yes I managed to fix with the system restore thanks all for this advice

Should I remove avast anti virus will it prevent the problem in the future, what other anti virus should i use?
Glad we were able to help you fix this!

I would definitely advise to stick to Windows Defender - causes the least issues with Windows 10 and you can’t beat the price of free! 🙂
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