Need HELP - PC shutting down each time i use GPU software or Games.


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Mar 19, 2023
i just finish a new PC 15 days ago, and i have a big problem.
Each time i start a game or a software who require GPU my computer shut down in seconds.
i ll try with Eve-online / Gigapixel / Heaven Benchmark 4.0 same results.

sys : w10 pro 64 bit original
GC : Geforce RTX 3080 Ti 12 GO
Proc : AMD Rysen 9 5900 X 12 coeur + venti : DeepCool AK400 Zero Dark PLUS
CM : Gigabyte X570S Aorus Elite Ax
ram : 64GO Ram Corsair DDR4 2x64 bit Dual 1333 mhz
tour : Fractal Design Define R5 Black
alim : Seasonic FOCUS PX-650 - Platinium

Perhaps this can help a little : CPU-Z report


i do not know what to do. And i stress a little.
Thanks by advance for your answers.
Hey @Sandre, welcome to CF.

My first thought would be either a cooling or a PSU problem, though looking at the CPU-Z reports your temps look okay. If it's pretty much an immediate reaction to the GPU firing up then I'd lean towards it being the PSU - your PX-650 is relatively low wattage for a 3080 and is able to supply what's considered the "bare minimum" power output as GFX cards these days are VERY power hungry.

It might also be worth reseating the graphics card and power connections just in case there's a connection that's not quite right.
hi, yes it is an immediate reaction when the GPU is used
when i use GIGAPIXEL using only CPU it works, when i activate GPU , PC shut down on the spot.
With video games, if i up the settings 1 by 1 (shadows, aliasing, ...) same result.
Using Heaven Benchmark 4.0 it work for the first test, and same result when trying GPU stress test.

My pc is a monster x2 SSD 1 TO into my motherboard. x2 Classic Hard Drive 2TO
many USB device connected (4to x2 + on rack) , a scanner ...

cable connection on the GPU are ok, i can't mismatch anyway. Only one way to connect them.

i just order an -ATX Seasonic G12 GC - 850W- i think and hope it will be ok
i need this computer to be a rock-star for my work, i do not care at all about games, i use them to test my problems.
Ideal - yes in that case with various USB drives and 2 spinning disks - the PSU may well have been right at the edge of what it can do, as soon as it's overloaded it will trip off as a safety measure.

The extra 200 watts should give it enough to run the PC well hopefully.