Category Topics

Networking and Internet

Websites, broadband, routers… anything related to the internet or how you access it belongs here.Seen a cool website? Why not share with the forum?

PC Hardware

Desktops, laptops, and PC building - this is the forum for anything that’s a regular PC or laptop.

Operating Systems

For all Operating System related conversations and support - Windows, Mac, Linux as well as alternative and retro OSes.

Mobile Devices

For chat and support for iPad and iPhone, Android phones and tablets or even your old Palm Pilot.


Gamer? This is the place for you. Whether it’s on PC, XBox or Playstation, this is the place.

IOT and Home Automation

From a couple of Philips Hue Bulbs to a full blown Home Assistant setup, this is the category for help and discussion for all home automation and IOT products and services.