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Apple Event 2021



Did anyone else watch Apple’s event yesterday?

I am a bit dissapointed that there’s no new MacBooks yet as I want to upgrade to the new M1 chip but don’t really want a first-gen device either. Might get the iMac but my current one mostly sits idle compared to how much I use my laptop.


Staff member
Nothing super impressive, other than the iPad pro now having a desktop-class CPU.

I must say I’m quite keen to get the AirTags… I’m always losing my keys (and my phone…). The price for these, for once from Apple, seems quite reasonable and possibly the only device Apple has released for many many years with a removeable battery!


New member
Same here, I never interested in these so called live events from giants like Apple and Samsung, they just make small changes with new specs and bring new phone/system for us. Sometime they use same features with modification and gives new names. Also price is now a days quite higher even they removed chargers from it.