Do I need a firewall

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Jun 10, 2021
SO one thing I have always used is Zonealarm Firewall. It is nearly time to do the annual renewal on zone alarm but my son has said that I shouldnt really need this.Just wanted to get some opinions. Thanks.
Hello @Thresher - welcome to Computer Forums 👋 Hope you stick around.

I would say the answer to this question would be - no. Windows includes a pretty decent firewall, and most routers will also provide a second firewall. Unless you’re at great risk of hacking or similar, Windows Firewall should be good enough.

With that said if you are using an old fashioned setup without a router between your modem and PC it might be worth considering.

I will be honest it has been years since I even heard Zonealarm mentioned. Think I last used it in the Windows 98 days when standard practice was to wire your PC directly to the internet.
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Thanks thats real helpful, yes I have a router. So I will skip the renewal and save the cash i think. Thanks.
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