Downgrade windows 11 back to windows 10


New member
Aug 14, 2023
So I've got this new laptop with Windows 11 pre-installed, and while it's all fancy with its new look, but I've been facing some problems with my old software and hardware. I'm just curious, is there any way that Windows 11 can be downgraded back to Windows 10? Has anyone did this and can share how they did it? I'm really appreciate your thoughts on this.
Hi @Dunchiedo - welcome to CF!

I believe that officially there's no downgrade path. If your machine is brand new you may find that some hardware doesn't have drivers for 10 though this is unlikely.
With that said.... I bought a low end "cloudbook" laptop to tide me over while my main one was off for repair and found Windows 11 was far too heavy on it. I installed a fresh copy of 10 made with the media creation tool and this worked perfectly on my laptop.