HP Printer problem


Jan 1, 2022
My HP Deskjet3070A has all of a sudden started printing very slowly, whether in black and white or colour (although anything with colour in it takes several minutes!). I use generic cartridges and have changed them all - and these have given no trouble at all for three or four years. The printer is on a wireless connection with my excellent high speed wifi network. A very happy new year to anyone with any suggestions!
Hello @Stationmaster - welcome to CF and happy new year! 👋

Potentially it could be that the printer is set to photo / high quality mode - it will take ages for anything to come out with this setting on, especially anything with colour as the printer thinks it needs to give the photo time to dry.

Lots of Windows apps now hide this setting by default and you will need to find a ‘use system dialouge’ or similar button to get to the proper print settings.

I don’t think this could be your cartridges - normally if it was the printer would complain (endlessly) - at least that’s what my Epson does every time I fit new ‘compatible’ cartridges which aren’t the real thing as I’d need to remortgage my home to buy a new official set.

If you’re running on Windows it might also be worth removing, and reinstalling the printer from control panel to re-install the drivers.