iPhone 12


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Dec 28, 2019
So Apple have now relased the new iPhones: 12, 12 Mini, Pro & Pro Max

Would you consider getting one? Is it worth the upgrade for you?

Personally I’m pretty happy with my XR still and doubt 5G will arrive anywhere near me for another year or two, so will probably stick with what I’ve got and save money!
Hmm not entirely convinced I want to rush to buy the iPhone 12 as it’s Apple’s first attempt into 5G and I don’t expect the network to be ‘ready’ for a little while yet, but will have to wait and see what the reviews say.

I used to upgrade with a lot more regularity but I think we have got to the point where there’s little to be improved when it comes to phone hardware newer iPhones eg 10 and above are generally pretty fast already

Bit of a let down that they STILL haven’t got rid of the notch when it seems the Android competiton have sorted this out a while ago! Would be nice to see some more innovation from Apple - looks like an iPhone 11 in an iPhone 4 case…
I’m still rocking an iPhone 7… it does everything I need it to do and don’t see the point in upgrading it yet.
Android user here so not much interest to me! Seems a lot of people are happy with their current phones though and I think I am of the same mindset
Honestly i’m still rocking my iPhone SE (The 5s one 😂)
But yeah the only one I’d love to get would be the gold iphone 12 pro max for some reasons.

One is that i really need an upgrade😂
Second that design is so in line with my love for the 5s body.
And finally that gold finish on the sides is to die for.😍