Mouse keeps sticking


New member
Jun 15, 2021
The mouse on my laptop keeps sticking it gets stuck for a second or two then i can move it again.
Do I have a virus or is there something I can do to stop this its really annoying.
Hey @WillSM, welcome to Computer Forums.

Sounds like it might just be the touchpad settings, some have various ‘palm check’ and other things that can cause stuff like this.

Have you tried an external mouse plugged in, to rule out freezing issues first though?
Hey bought a USB mouse and used over weekend, that has been fine so just touch padwith the problem.
In this case it does sound like a touchpad issue. It may be hardware related but there are a few software fixes that are worth trying.

The first thing I’d try is reinstatlling the driver. If you go into Device Manager (right click start menu > Device Manager) and look for a touchpad. Normally under Human Interface Devices category, it will usually be called Synaptics or ELAN though there are a few others out there.

Right click and choose “Uninstall”. If there’s a box to remove the driver at first try it unticked.

Restart the computer. If still playing up repeat the steps but untick the box, you may need to reinstall the driver from the manufacturers website so keep your mouse handiy.